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One to match your musical tastes with other users. So if you are listening to a lot of Frank Ocean than it will offer you songs that other Frank Ocean fans are listening too. All of these algorithms work together to magically predict music that the listener will actually like.

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In addition to its excellent recommendation algorithm, Spotify offers a few different sound quality options. Users can listen to music at extreme, high, normal or low quality. The quality settings vary depending on the device but generally, the Highest quality is Kbps, followed by Kbps and 96Kbps.

Only premium members can choose the highest quality, free users are locked to normal or low. In terms of Canadian content, Spotify has a decent amount of playlists that showcase Canadian talent. Users can simply search for the word Canada to find them but there is no specific Canadian section like Apple Music has. Spotify is also one of the only music streaming apps that offers a free tier.

The free version works in two different ways. On the desktop or web app, users have to listen to an ad every few songs. Tidal entered the music streaming scene in Its claim to fame is lossless audio and some artist exclusives. As for design, Tidal resembles Spotify and Apple music.

There are a few headline-type cards at the top of the screen that share some new and popular music. The music charts, recommend music and genre lists are all down below. Tidal also a has a lot of smaller independent artist mixtapes that are missing from other services. The company claims that Tidal has 56 million songs in its collection and , music videos.

Related Articles. In Spotify is also one of the only music streaming apps that offers a free tier. Songs purchased through the Google Play music store can be streamed through the Google Play Music app or downloaded for playback offline. You can download tracks as many times as you want through the Google Play Music mobile app, the Music Manager PC app or the Google Play Music for Chrome extension, but if you're using a regular browser like Internet Explorer or Safari, you can only download each song to your computer a maximum of two times.

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One of Google Play Music's handiest features is the ability to upload your existing music collection to Google's servers and listen to it on-demand wherever you go. Using the Music Manager app or the Google Play Music for Chrome extension on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, you can upload a maximum of 50, songs to your account — technically, though, you won't be uploading most of your songs since any tracks already in the Google Play Music catalogue will simply be added to your library instantly.

Any songs not in the catalogue will be uploaded to Google's servers for you to download and stream at your leisure. If you upload a file in a non-MP3 format, it will be converted to MP3 during the upload process. Individual files can't exceed MB in size; if they are larger you won't be able to upload them. Once uploaded, you can listen to and download your collection through the Google Play Music app on mobile or through your computer.

It's also worth noting that any songs purchased through the Google Play music store do not count against your 50,song upload limit. To promote both Google Play Music and YouTube's paid video service YouTube Red , Google has tied the two services together so that a subscription to one gets you a free subscription to the other. This means Google Play Music subscribers automatically enjoy all the benefits of YouTube's premium service, such as:. Like most music streaming services, Google Play Music offers personalised music recommendations based on what you listen to and the ratings you give using the service's thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons.

Each song you listen to or rate tells Google Play Music more about your music tastes, and over time its recommendations will become more and more relevant. If you're looking for some thumping beats to liven up your house party or a soothing medley to fall asleep to, Google Play Music also serves up a variety of curated playlists assembled by Google's team of music aficionados. These cover a range of genres, moods and activities, and are updated on a regular basis. Listen to over 50 million songs, ad-free with zero commercials.

Plus get unlimited downloads to your library, and listen anywhere without Wi-Fi or using data. Google Play Music offers over 40 million songs to purchase, download and stream. You'll even find official movie soundtracks from the likes of Moana and Frozen.

Google Play Music

Add to that the support for up to 50, songs from your personal music collection and Google Play Music has plenty of tunes to keep your ears content. For audiophiles, it's worth mentioning that Google Play Music will stream songs at a maximum of Kbps, provided your Internet connection is fast enough. You can access Google Play Music on a number of different devices and through a variety of different interfaces.

On Android smartphones and tablets, the app needs Android 4. Additionally, if you're using an Android device running Android 4.

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Google Play Music also supports casting to Chromecast-enabled devices using the mobile app or Google Chrome. Compatible devices include the Google Chromecast dongle , Sonos speakers and sound systems, and the Google Home smart speaker. When using Google Play Music on multiple devices, there are some restrictions.

You can only register a maximum of 10 devices to your account, five of which can be smartphones. You're limited to listening to music on one device at a time, and if you try to listen on multiple devices simultaneously, your music will automatically stop playing. If you hit your device limit, you can de-authorise devices to make room for new ones, but you can only de-authorise up to four devices per year. There, free subscribers can stream custom radio stations based on different activities, moods or artists.

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  6. These stations serve up ads between every few songs, and users can only skip a maximum of six songs every hour. Frugal Aussies, meanwhile, are limited to streaming and downloading songs purchased through the Google Play music store as well as those uploaded from personal music collections.

    Upload your personal music collection and stream it on-demand with Google Play Music.

    By subscribing to Google Play Music, you can stream over 40 million songs on-demand without ads, as well as download albums and playlists to your mobile device for offline listening. You also score a free YouTube Red subscription to boot. If your whole family wants in on the music-streaming life, you can save yourself some money by signing up for a Google Play Music family plan.