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Hey guys, was looking for a decent cold press juicer for my girlfriend's Christmas present and settled on the Oscar Neo DA Good Reviews for this product. - Discount Prices on Juicers, Blenders, Dehydrators and More

There is only one review on the Big W site and …. Loads More in Links …. Have been looking at getting a slow cold press juicer for a while and this new recently released one seemed like a good choice for me. Pretty convinced this is by far the …. Interchangeable Juicer and Blender, One motor with a juicer and blender attachment. Deals Direct currently has this one on sale, and a bit cheaper than 2 weeks ago. Original price is …. Copy Paste Price Slashed! Only while ….

Lemon & Lime Direct Spray Juicer Kit

All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. I saw it as a temporary downgrade but its actually amazing! Pulp is really dry! Quite impressed with this juicer, it grinds things down really well and leaves no bits.

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I was quite pleased to see that it has a clever little plastic tab that prevents the foam from being poured into the glass. Only thing I would say could be improved on this is a dial to change the pressure where the ground bits come out like some masticating juicers have , as I find that the ground bits can be wet when doing citrus fruits, I will try with the peel next time to see if that helps though.

This is my first juicer so I have no experience to compare.

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I like this juicer. I like its wide and portable mouth. When I clean it , I can take it apart.

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Usually dispatched within 1 to 4 weeks. I actually have never used a juicer before so cannot compare with others but I can say it does the job perfectly!

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  6. I've had no problems with it, it's easy to use. Me and my partner decided that we'd invest in a serious juicer for use once or twice a day.

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    After watching a video online about this one, we ordered at a great price on Amazon Prime and we are very happy we did! It's heavy and made well. The amount of juice that comes out is really great and the pulp that comes out is dry. Cleaning is easy enough with the brush. We batch make our juices most of the time using the machine for quite a long time with no issue minutes sometimes!

    If you want a solid juicer that just works well and looks great, this is the one! Awesome bit of kit. I love new juicer, It replaces my centrifugal juicer. It's easier to operate, clean and I get more juice from my fruit and vegetables.

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    Excellent choice! Have just used for the first time and I got a lot more juice out of it then I did from my old juicer. The only bad thing I have to say is, boy there is much mess to clean up after using it. Yes the section that collects the waste does work but bits of fruit got into every possible nook and cranny it could find. Maybe an improvement in the way the machine collects the waste could be looked into.

    Other than that, a great juicer. We're really happy with this juicer. We bought it a month ago and since them made carrot juice, apple, celery and all sorts of mixes. It works well, we put up to 3kg in one go and seemed it didn't fill, it squeezed the juice just as well. Cleaning - it takes me 3 minutes to dismantle and 10 minutes to wash everything. It's not 5mn, but not a chore either Working - it is noisy, more so than a cheap blender. However for someone like me who had another one in the house since , the old ones you had to fight them to stand still and the noise was huge; this juicer does make some noise and it does vibrate, but it's whisper quiet compared to the older ones.

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